Monday, 23 April 2012

Neds Lintie conservation goes wrong and thanks to South Manchester RG

 Nice gorse bank, 11 known lintie nests and probably blackbird, song thrush and dunnock (well I’d like to see you cold search through that lot) last weekend. Well photo actually taken last April when we did get a sunny morning. 

This weekend 6 known lintie nests and prob the others mentioned all torched.
After no burns last summer we’d been complimenting the Neds on their controlled gorse burnings, creating new vigorous growth for the linties and keeping it in nice accessible, nestable patches. Grrrrr.


On the brighter side we’ve retrapped/resighted over 40 adult linnets and 20 chicks returning from last summer so with us well over the RAS quota we can take the rest of the summer off!

Finally a big thank you very much to South Manchester RG for information on one of our pied wag chicks from last summer which they controlled on 18/12/11 wintering in Mobberley, Chester. Here’s the very nest site (hole in wall) it was ringed in (2nd brood) and an adult (gnat in foreground) back last weekend, neither of the pair ringed unfortunately.