Tuesday, 25 May 2010

New jackdaw colour-ringing project

We colour ringed our first Jackdaws yesterday, adding to the ever expanding list of GRG c-ringing projects. Three colour rings are on the left leg, with adults and chicks being ringed in the Peterculter area.

Another new project this year is Goosanders, two birds have been caught so far, and have two c-rings on the left leg, and are also colour dyed. Please try to check these species for rings if you’re out and about.

Euan and Calum

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Caution - nest boxes!

Thursday night is Raymond's nest box night. This spring the Aberdeen RSPB Phoenix Group have been coming most weeks (not just to carry the ladder and go up to the dangerous boxes - honest!). There are 22 starling boxes and 20 for tree sparrows. We're now starting to ring some chicks which is good.
All visits are finished off with a cuddle of the lambies of course!

Heron colour-ringing

Last night we started a new colour-ringing project - grey herons on the Ythan. We are hoping to find out how long our birds use the estuary for as well as further movements.
Last night we ringed 13 chicks, with lots more to go back for in the next week. Colours are grey, brown, black, lime and yellow so far; with one or two rings.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Summer Twite movements

Our wintering twite are now arriving back at their summer homes over in the west.
Movements in 2010
Montrose birds leading the way. We’re seeing how many islands we get twite seen on now, so Rhum is a new one for the project this year, as is a belated sighting from last summer on Eigg.

Note the single Donside bird up north at Lochinver. Tony Mainwood has controlled over 30 Orkney birds, perhaps suggesting there is a bit of segregation in breeding aswell as wintering areas in Scottish twite. The further north they breed the further north they winter to a certain extent? Or are they just passing through to end up mixed all over the place?
Movements from all years
Birds wintering in NW Lancashire appear to breed further south on the Western Isles (though there is some overlap).


PS What call does the Finch Owl make? Twite a woo!!