Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ravens in Grampian

This week we also ringed a new species for the group – Raven. Although common in other parts of the country this species seems to be just starting to recover from the severe persecution they have suffered. A few pairs are now breeding in the region and this is the first brood to be ringed by the group. We have also heard recently of a golden eagle tracked by the RSPB, which was found poisoned in Glenbuchat in Strathdon, so there are obviously still individuals deliberately killing protected birds in our uplands. We wish our ravens chicks all the best and hope them a long happy life, unlike the poor golden eagle.
Brood of 3 ravens. Photo by Ewan Weston
Poisoned golden eagle. Photo RSPB

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  1. I've been a keen birder for many years, but haven't ever seen a Raven. However, we have recently moved to Aberdeenshire and I couldn't believe the size of this corvid I was seeing through the kitchen which oiverlooks fields. I ran for my 'nocs but by the time I return it was off. Could this have been a Raven?