Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Walter's Waxwing

Raymond Duncan has suggested that I put this info on the blog as he feels that it will be of interested.

Last year my Ann and I were lucky to have the pleasure of appox 22 Waxwings in our garden for about 16 weeks. On Raymond's advice we "spiked" apples on various trees in our garden and every day without fail they turned up and ate us out of apples. I'm scared to think what we spent on apples for all those weeks - but it was certainly worth every penny.

We assisted Chris Jones and Derek Robertson to trap and ring 32 Waxwings in and around our garden. And then sadly they all left. This year as you will know has been a very poor year for Waxies. We have had one in the garden for about 2 week until yesterday when we had 4. But the really good news is that one was ringed and it was a last years coloured ringed bird.

Raymond thinks that this is only the 3rd record in the UK of a ringed Waxwing returning. I wonder what are the chances of a ringed Waxwing returning to the same garden almost 12 months to the day. Ann's records show that it was ringed on the 18 Feb 2009 and it turned up on the 22nd.

I hope this is of interest to you as it certainly makes ringing all the more worth while.


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